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Otherwise students would not respect you and gradually lose interest in your class. The rules to be followed should be explained to the students properly so that they do not have any doubt regarding them. Enforce DisciplineDiscipline is the key to run any institution, whether it is a school, government office, or business enterprise. Though punishments are essential for maintaining discipline, they should not be too harsh. Punishment should always be according to the nature of the crime. A teacher should never embarrass a student in front of his or her peers for violating any rule or disrupting the class. It would make the student more unruly and violent. If a student is really stubborn and not following the rules, then talk to him in private to know the exact reason behind his behavior. Avoid confrontation in the classroom. A teacher has to be very calm and patient while handling such cases of indiscipline and disobedience. Sometimes, an award system can work wonders in implementing rules and regulations. When you feed their tantrums with "I will listen to everything you do", it's like giving them the green signal to behave the way they please.

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Don't ever compare him with other children.


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